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Healing Touch with Heather Taylor advocates for the relaxation and health of the Rochester community. The practice was built on the belief that Rochester produces an extraordinary amount of  amazingly driven people including artists, musicians, athletes, businessmen and women who all deserve time for themselves. Healing Touch with Heather is aimed at being a part of your health care team to guarentee that while you are creating the life you love, you will not be restricted by pain or stress.   


Healing Touch is located at the offices of BodyworkByBobbi & Co. You'll likely see my friend and mentor, Bobbi Jo Payne, a highly skilled thearpist, a pregnancy massage specialist and fellow massage enthusiast. We believe in attaining a higher level of health through quality massage and personal attention. 


I am also a professional musician, giving me a creative and intuitive quality I highly value as a massage thearpist.  I aim to practice in a genuinely peaceful yet joyful state of mind, ready to adapt to what the session calls for so you walk out of the office satisfied. I always appreciate the opportunity to work  and communicate with you so we may find the correct balance of speed, pressure, treatment and relaxation.


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"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax." Mark Black 



"Sleep is the best meditation" Dali Lama 

Disclaimer: Licensed Massage Therapists are not Doctors. Healing Touch with Heather Taylor will not diagnose, cure, or prescribe medications for any medical condition or illness.

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