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Therapeutic Massage 

This therapeutic experience is aimed to release your tension and influence your muscles to work together in a more balanced fashion. My experience and knowledge of relaxation allows me to effectively ease your muscle tissue back into the direction of wellness. I deliver an intentional pressure to each area of your tissue, allowing your body to command the session. The  art in this massage is to recognize your body's point of resistence and work with it, not force it.  

Full body suggested duration 75 -120 minutes


Swedish and Energy Massage

Please schedule as "__ Minute Customized massage" and indicate in the memo field this service. This is a Healing Touch special. Swedish and energy  massage incorporates stretching, shiatsu techniques, and quickly paced strokes which follow your energy patterns. This massage will help you release tension in your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed.  Swedish massage is best known to improve circulation, balance your nervous system, boost your fatigued muscles and strengthen your immune system. Shiatsu is an ancient type of Eastern massage literally translating to "finger pressure". This massage is designed to refresh the whole body system and is recommended  for your body like a regular tune-up is for your car. 

This may be your saving grace.

Full body suggested duration 60-90 minutes 



The Musician's Massage

This is a service for any performing artist. Whether a guitarist, violist, trumpeter, drummer, dancer or vocalist, this massage will target your specific muscular and/or energetic needs based on my research, experience and your provided information. Whether to treat a chronic issue from playing or to relax in preparation of your performance, I've got your back (your hand, your shoulders...) I'll be your specialist. Check out "Musicians Mondays" for a weekly tuneup at an affordable price. Take care of your most valuable insturment!

Travel fee varies for onsite massage at performance venues



Energy Work

Sit back and feel your energy shift, in this fully clothed, relaxing, integrative energy session. Before the session, we will discuss what you'd like to acheive and your experience with energy work, which could apply to any area of your life. During the session I work off the body with your energetic field.  I may draw from modalities such as Reiki, vibrational medicine, matrix energetics, cranial sacral, chakara balancing and sound therapy in order to relax your body and get you back into energetic balance. Energy work is a very subtle modality and I encourage you to think of it with an open mind. Some clients feel the effect very subtly and some feel dramatic changes. 

*Sound therapy option only available on Monday and Weekends.


The session is offered as 30 or 60 minutes.

 I recommend 60 minutes for the first appointment.



Guided Meditation

Do you have trouble relaxing until halfway into your massage from mind chatter? This pre-massage add on is designed for you. A 10- 15 minute guided meditation led by me, will quiet your mind and relax your body so you can fully enjoy your session.



Onsite massage

A therapeutic chair massage in the convenience of your own home or workplace. This massage is performed fully clothed on an ergonomic massage chair for your comfort. A comfortable Thai Mat is also available. This is a great break for the working person, or a social gathering. Call to inquire.

Suggested duration 10-20 minutes per massage 



At home treatment

I bring my office to your home! The convenience of this service requires nothing from you except a private medium sized space (with an outlet) to ensure our sessions will go uninterupted, similiar to the office setting. Please make your first couple appointments at the office so we may begin our professional relationship. At home treatment available with a $40 convenience fee.



"Learn to Massage your Hunny" Couples Tutorial

In this 90 minute tutorial, you and your partner each receive a massage while the other observes. While I administer the massage, I guide you through the steps I take and explain my massage approach. This is a safe and fun way to help your hunny and reconnect at the same time.

Suggested duration 90 minutes 




Disclaimer: Licensed Massage Therapists are not Doctors. Healing Touch with Heather Taylor will not diagnose, cure, or prescribe medications for any medical condition or illness.

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