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Positive Focus

Thoughts for performers, speakers, musicians and creators alike 



I’m not claiming to be an expert on performing. But I am claiming to be well experienced in the art of getting through moments of self hatred, anxiety and fear.




Your focus and relaxation will powerfully assist your musical expression and impact  




"Let the music speak through you " -Every great musician, ever








"Your power is proportional to your abiltity to relax" -David Allen 








Instead of hiding emotions, learn to generate movement from them and use the rush!


It's an inspiring source of creativity and energy to fuel your performance.


People will relate and respond to the dynamics of the real beautiful you 










"Learn to use your fear to spur your creativity. Nothing gets created without some element of fear."




- Mama Gena










In times of anxiety,


Listen, Breathe and focus on whatever is positive


(a smile, a color you love, a sweet sound...) 










Be here now


(I once asked an amazing street performer what his secret was,


he said he repeats to himself


"Now, now, now...")


Blinking and Breathing really help with this.








Engage your Imagination! 


At the core of our beings we are creators. We create through mediums like music.


We are limited by rules when we agree with the rules.


 Side aside "the rules" and create your own!








 Never "look" where you don't want to go!


Also a good rule for Kayaking says my Uncle.








Our world is surrounded by "flow". Each moment creating the next, planting seeds for our life. Even if I don't see the connectors, I know they are there.


Life taught me "flow" but massage enforced it and music lets me express it. 










Thoughts create your world and thoughts create your moments. In a performance, the moments are all you have. Think only to calm your mind in order to focus (listen, breathe, focus on the positive)


or you'll miss your moment, but don't worry there will always be the next one. 












A mistake may be your biggest treasure. It may be the biggest opportunity for growth and creation.










Emotional energy fuels my music. It is my energy drink.








You're beauty is now







Let the world come to you








Let the world play by your rules, you want them to look at you, you want them to not?


An audience will respond to your cues










Be genuine with your audience and be nice to yourself. Whatever comes out to the audience will be conveyed as musical creativity








Most of all listen to the music and remember why you're doing this. Because deep down, on the surface wherever your love is, it is strong and it is felt when you are playing. 




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