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 Musicians seldom think of themselves as upper body athletes, (these are) individuals as immersed in the physiology of performance as anyone who plays a sport… athletes often have an understanding of the physiology of movement that musicians lack” –Massage for Musicians, Linking Injuries to Instruments 


Consider more closely your self-care.  Start with these tips and stretches.

















As a performer, I strongly encourage you to explore a natural avenue to fuel your creative process.  My quiet office is a safe environment to calm your thoughts and balance your nerves in support of your self-care. I'd love to help you free your mind and movements so you can enjoy your revered stage time and be the performer that you know you are.  


Everything we do to prepare for a performance matters. On days of your performance, I can travel to your venue with my chair or table to help relax you into your unique performance space. 


My personal testimony...In 2011, I was gigging while receiving massage on a regular basis. By experiencing these two specialties simultaneously, I experienced a heightened stage  presence and an enormous leap in my own level of performance. (No wonder, massage therapy is scientifically known to decrease cortisol, a stress hormone and increase serotonin, a horomone which plays an important part in learning).

Massage ALSO did away with 98% of the pain I had incurred from over-use injuries amounted through years of playing (with incorrect posture and tense technique).  


In all my experiences of over preparing, meditation, acupuncture, energy work, visualization etc...

I haven't found a modality to better do what massage does for me before a performance 


This is worth a try: if pain has kept you from freely practicing and performing, if nerves and anxiety have kept you from enjoying giving a performance (days before/of/after), or if  you've left a performance tired and drained mentally or emotionally.  


Start by scheduling that time for yourself or contact me to discuss the art of performing! I'd love to hear your thoughts to giving a bright performance.


"The Musician's Massage"


The Musician's massage is specifically designed for the performering artist. Whether a guitarist, violist, trumpeter, drummer, dancer or vocalist, this massage will target your specific muscular and/or energetic needs based on my research, experience and your provided information. Whether to treat a chronic issue from playing or to relax in preparation of your performance, I've got your back (your hand, your shoulders...)


*Travel fee varies for onsite massage at performance venues*



Don't forget about your weekly "tune-up"!  It's a great way to save money and get a quality experience. Mondays Only.



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