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Music is Therapy

First, a little about why I group massage and music...The earliest recorded history will show massage and music to be uniquely and deeply tied to the human experience. I celebrate them both as universal languages. I aim to embrace a healthier community through the power of music and the power of touch!


Music as therapy is deeply rooted in human history. Ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures have used sound as a self-healing mechanism for centuries. This practice is being revitalized in Western culture and continues to be a personally accessible tool to connect and heal.


I attended the Crane School of Music, class of 2009, as a classical flautist, which I look back at with great memories.  I learned stacks of flute literature, played with the greatest musicians and had many fine performances. Meanwhile my body endured overuse injuries which I chose to ignore. I knew that style wasn't what I wanted to continue doing and it also wasn't how I wanted to live my life.  


I found much stress relief from creative playing after graduation. I joined forces with my good friend Edward Antonio, a recording engineer once from L.A., to record my first solo flute album with world flutes (some of which I picked up while backpacking through Europe.) From Dream to Dream is an album meant for relaxation and the beginning meditator. Each track helps silence the mind while keeping it entertained with different textures, imagery and tone.


I started to explore music a bit more and got back to my American and musical roots via flute and voice. Here I am with my band The Crawdiddies, a blues/americana quartet organically grown from a Son House Blues night in 2010. Gordon Munding (guitarist, singer and founder of the Son House Blues Night), Jay Chaffee (upright bass) and Dave Paprocki (Washboard) have all inspired me to slipstream the flute into the traditional blues scene along with encouraging me to pursue singing. Singing in public or even louder than a twelve inch voice was never something I could do, even in front of my family or close friends! Once I started playing the blues on flute, I was deeply inspired by a song on the radio called Soul of a Man by Blind Willie Johnson, a bluesman and spiritualist from the early 1900's. It's funny how one moment can change everything, and that moment did.

You may also find me playing around town with a few other groups, The Flying Turtles and Hijacking Heather. 

We were made with sound. I say, tune in and turn it on up!




Disclaimer: Licensed Massage Therapists are not Doctors. Healing Touch with Heather Taylor will not diagnose, cure, or prescribe medications for any medical condition or illness.

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