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24"x 24"
copper tree of life
display only
 Available for commission at $450 + t&sh
Commisioned piece
Change of seasons 
30" diameter Tree of Life
Genuine Silver (rim)
Healing Touch Art
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Make your personal sanctuary complete with a tree of life!
Made with genuine semi-precious gemstones, each carrying a unique vibration for healing
"The strength in a tree lies in its ability to bend"
These are completely customizable in shape, color and price for the perfect gift.



Featured and For sale 

6"-12" diameter; range $55-250 

customized art available, price increases with increased stones and quality metals 




Winter Tree

Aquamarine, Silver Plated and Smokey Quartz colored wire

7 1/2" x 7"




Pear Tree Number One

6" x 6"




Pear Tree Number Two

5 1/2" x 5 1/2"




Unikite Mama Tree

5"x 3 1/2"




(Sold) Earring Tree

Base 10" Height 17" Width 16"




American Sign Language

I love you 





I Love You (so much!) Hand & Gemstone

Peacock Oar 





18" Chain & Silver Plated Wire




ILY Keychain







More Trees!

Currently on display and for sale 




Turquoise Howelite





Green Quartz and Peridot




Faux Pearl 



Pearl, Tiger Eye & Tree Agate



(Left) Goldstone & (Dyed) Coral


(Right) Carnelian




Shell and Turquoise



Turquoise Howelite 



Watermelon Tourmaline and Aventurine 





Healing Touch Art is on display at 



Dali Java Cafe in Canadaigua

Aarons Alley on Monroe Avenue

Sayari on East Avenue

Tru yoga in the South Wedge 

 Tavern 58 on University Ave 


Mostly Clay in Pittsford


I LOVE to work with energizing copper wire and semi-precious gemstones and beads. I shape them into  representations of nature displayed as wall art, table toppers and jewelry. It's my hope that the piece you choose will bring you as much peace and joy as it brings me to make them.  These trees are truly original and crafted with care.
Ask me about wedding gift ideas!
You can have your own personal family tree that grows with the family.

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Everything around us is art, though nature is my truest form of inspiration. From the root of our souls, trees mirror our subconcious and evoke a sense of belonging. The tree represents infinite life, mirroring the inner self. The ornamental leaves hang for change, the branches reach far for connection, the trunk stands strong for circulating energy, and the roots grow deep with belonging. Each tree is unique and I wrap each gemstone with care. For your home or office so you can reflect in your natural beauty anywhere.


*Prices vary; contact me for price list






(Above - Sold)























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