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I'm thrilled to provide you with one of these things a couple times a week: an intention to keep your day feeling alive, a question to inspire your creativity, a challenge to remind you of your strength, a blog post to share my experiences, an article to respond to any questions you have for me and last but not least self care VIDEOS and special videos with musicians talking about their own performance anxiety journey! (I'm really excited about the last one.) Imagine REAL conversations, behind the scenes of our performance faces.


So please share with your friends, talk about what I'm doing here and talk about your desires of personal freedom. A creative life can be abundant and full of self-love and care.




The Musician's Dilemma: Discover the subconscious fears that derail even the most confident performers and the #1 Secret to putting you back on track







Through self-developed and self-tested techniques, performance freedom coaching supports artists in cultivating their own healthy relationship with the stage so they can access their natural talent quicker and book more gigs with confidence.




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