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Heather's Healthier Coffee and Tea

 If coffee is a part of your routine, give this a try!

Switching to this java can have enormous health benefits.


Dear readers,

I recently embarked on a new mission, I should rather say my mission is expanding... Included in my quest to save the world one massage at a time, I'm now spreading the news on healthy coffee. America runs on Dunkin'? You'll see the caffeinated tides are shifting...


I found a coffee that actually infuses their coffee with an ancient herb. The herb is so well known for it's medicinal properties that it's been called the "King of Herbs"  and been well documented for 2000 years.


As some of you may know I have a relative challenged with an illness. The very herbs infused in the coffee and teas were instrumental in helping my relative reach new plateaus in their recuperation.  I am now among the people who see this coffee as an answered prayer; it has helped me lift certain stress in my life as well as given me such great energy for it.  I'm wondering what it can do for you.



On Health  

Reishi/Gannoderma lucindum/Ling zhi, are all the same name for this (non-trippy, completely legal) magic mushroom.  I urge you to do your own research. There are thousands of articles on this, so don't take my word don't take anyone's word, see for yourself, but, this is what I've found...


One of the most incredible things, is that this coffee is not acidic but PH balanced! You may not know the incredible importance of keeping our body in balance, but, in highly acidic bodies, we can leave ourselves open to infectious diseases. With drinking regular coffee, it takes 17 cups of water to neutralize 1 cup. Ultimately we're left acidic.  Take my word or google something like the  "Importance of a balanced PH".


This coffee also WON'T give you the jitters or the crash. I feel the positive affects through the day.

 Gannoderma is commonly known to help people with high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anemia, tumors, weak immune systems, insomnia, Crohn's disease, skin conditions, depression, anxiety and the list goes on. I have a friend who's melanoma disappeared from her face after only switching to O.G. coffee.

I've been doing my research, I don't know everything, I'm learning more every day so please ask me questions. This is an incredible step forward for us coffee drinkers who injest our coffee like water.


Is this for everyone?  

If you exercise caution and/or are on medication, please ask your doctor and please do your research.  This product will not be right for everyone, but it will be extrememly beneficial for some.

This product also comes in capsule form. This is how my relative took the herb for years.  I personally feel the affects right away with the coffee and it lifts me enough to enjoy life at it's fullest.  Research shows that most people feel a benefit 10-14 days after they start gannoderma and feel a full swing of improvement after two months. Remember long term, nothing replaces hydration and a good diet.


On the Company

To learn how to distribute, watch this.


On You and Me

 I have been learning in my past year and a half as a massage therapist that everyone, and I mean everyone, has an underlying story that is guiding their every day actions. I'm humbled, as a  therapist, by the people who trust me and open up to me.  Many of us keep our worries and fears close to us, sometimes hiding a crumbling interior.


 This brings up my quip with our society. We've been socialized to believe that the majority of people aren't like us, that some are better, that some are worse.  We segregate ourselves, then feel alone. In many cases it's dangerous to be vulnerable with the world. Sometimes it's easier to feel alone than to feel hurt.  I believe it's a learned habit and it's something we need to unlearn. I'm saying, we're all going through things, we all experience the world in a different way but essentially we're all in this together. We need to start taking care of ourselves and if that means reaching out to others, let's do it. If it means switching your diet, lets do it. 

What is good for you, is good for the world. And inversely what is good for the world is good for you. The more we are rooted in our own personal mission for self-growth, self-power and self-care, the more we will see the lives around us slowly change. People say that when you are truly in your joy, the people you're around, have no choice but to find a way to be in theirs. That is the way to truly help one another! 


Stepping off my soap box ...

The herb in the coffee is an adaptogenic herb meaning that it will go towards what needs the healing most and what needs to get back into balance. No two people will experience the same exact thing because no two people have the same genetic make-up. Contact me if you'd like to try the coffee or order here. There are many options-K-Cups, Lattes, Mocha, Black Coffee, Organic Coffee, Green/Red Tea etc...The coffee is packaged as an instant coffee to keep the integrity of the herbs.  Have no fear, this is the best instant coffee I've ever tasted. There is also an option for french press.


I can't wait to hear your personal story.


Disclaimer: Licensed Massage Therapists are not Doctors. Healing Touch with Heather Taylor will not diagnose, cure, or prescribe medications for any medical condition or illness.

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