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What should I wear to my first massage?

I highly recommend wearing comfy clothing. If you're coming from work, bring your sweats and comfortable shoes to change into after the massage. Keep the relaxation going as long as you can!


This is my first massage, should I be nervous?

Absolutely not!  

Will you be? Given that this is a new experience for you, nerves are normal and will mostly likely subside when you walk into the quiet office. Reading my reviews might help ease your mind... trust is a main component in our client/therapist relationship. Before your first appointment, read the confirmation e-mail with directions to the office, it can be tricky if you don't know. I usually give a courtesey call before the first appintment to make sure you're comfortable getting to the office.


The rest is really easy and gets better every time! If you have trouble relaxing, ask for my help during the session, I've got great tips!


How do I relax more in a massage?

I'll help with that! But in the meantime I HIGHLY recommend you practice conscious breathing. When you consciously follow your breath in and out, you bring yourself to body awareness, and that's the first major step in the healing and relaxation process.


If just concentrating on your breath gets boring or too difficult, you can try this...Focus on one area of your body at a time while breathing in and out. Start with your feet, spend time feeling into that area, breathe into it, feel them against the table... when you feel like the muscles are sufficiently relaxed there, move up to the shin, to the knees, to the upper leg, etc...Repeat.


That will be a great start!


I'm sick, what should I do?

Please reschedule your appointment. If it's within 24 hours, you will not be charged the usual cancellation fee (unless this is a reoccuring situation, there is no problem). Even though receiving touch will feel good while achey from the cold, getting a massage while you're sick often increases your cold/flu symptoms, making you feel worse!  This is also a courtesey to me, since I'm my only employee, it's necessary to stay healthy.


Should I shave my legs?

If not thinking about hair on your legs will make you relax, go for it! But the short is, it doesn't make a difference to me and I'm not judging anything!


What kind of oil do you use?

I typically use Biotone.

  • paraben-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No drying alcohol, no nut oils


Do I have to talk? Do you talk? 

Short answer? Whatever you feel like that day!

All your people pleasing habits can rest easy, this is your time. I welcome conversation but I don't initiate it when we get into the massage room.  When you receive a massage, I want you to feel comfortable enough with just being. I love it when people can forget about the outside world and focus on themselves during the time we have. So again, this part is all up to you. Many people relax while chatting before/during a massage and many relax with silence by concentrating on what's going on in their body. It's all up to your process and I respect that. 


What if I'm uncomfortable during the massage?

Please, say something at that moment. This is completely your time! It's not about me, my feelings won't get hurt and I enjoy when I can help make your experience better. Also, after each massage I ask: What did you like? What did you not like? What could make this experience better for you? If you consider honestly, our sessions will get better every time.


Whats the difference between a musician's massage and a regular massage?

Please tell me if you spend time practicing/playing an instrument. My mind will switch to musician mode. Certain instrumentalists have certain musclar tendencies and knowing will cue me in to where I can help relieve stress. I've likely worked with clients who play your instrument before and can bring that knowledge into our session! Musicians, or people who work with their hands a lot, also get heated mittens to wear on their hands during the massage, immediately bringing relaxation to the tension in the hands and wrist. Also, if you have music you want played during our session, feel free to bring your ipod in. This is helpful if you're trying to get to know your music better. Completely relaxing to your pieces brings in another level of awareness. *If you have trouble with anxiety before/during or after a performance, inquire about my performance freedom coaching. 



All tips are graciously received but are not necessary. If/when you do tip, how much is totally up to you. Please do what feels comfortable and good! 


Can I purchase gift certificates?

Yes and it's so easy. Please visit my gift certificate page.

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